almond butter cups

·         3/4 cup melted coconut oil
·         1/2 cup cocoa powder (more or less to taste)
·         2–4 tablespoons natural sweetener (I like agave or maple syrup – more or less to taste)
·         pinch of salt
·         roughly 3/4 cup of almond butter (or any nut butter)
·         sea salt for topping

1.       Whisk the coconut oil, cocoa powder, sweetener, and a pinch of salt.
2.      Fill a regular size muffin tin with paper liners. Pour a small amount of the cocoa mixture (1-2 tablespoons) into the paper cups. Drop a small spoonful of the almond butter (2-3 teaspoons) into the center of each cup. Divide remaining chocolate amongst the cups.
3.      If almond butter is sticking up, just gently press it down so each cup has a smooth top layer. Sprinkle each almond butter cup with a pinch of coarse sea salt. Freeze for one hour or until solid. YUM TOWN.

source :pinchofyum.com

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