All Time Favourites

I've been cooking and sharing recipes online for about 18 years now.  I have shared my love of food and recipes on a variety of sites throughout the years, some of which no longer exist.   I discovered very early during my online journey that people really love food and recipes and that I had plenty to share.  My blog in its current form has been going for about 10 years now.    Throughout that time I have shared well over 3000 recipes with you.  That's a lot of food and a lot of cooking and a lot of tastiness.  I thought it would be fun today to share some of my all time favourites with you!  Perhaps some of them are also yours, or maybe you have missed some. In any case there is sure to be something here for everyone.  

Creole Chocolate Cake. This is one that I shared with you back in  August of last year on my Birthday.  This is my all time favourit chocolate cake for several reasons. It could be the incredibly moist chocolate sponge, or maybe the date caramel nut filling, combined with that rich whipped cream.  Don't get me started on the sour cream chocolate ganache frosting.  Its just a winner from the outside in and back out again!  


Classic Fruited Scones.  I love doing tutorials and this one I did on the classic British fruited scone is on of the favourites that I have done.  These scones always turn out light and flaky and go so wonderful with some clotted cream, jam and of course a nice hot cuppa.  

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Skillet Macaroni.  This was a favourite of ours for many years and many Missionaries have enjoyed eating it at our table.   A couple of years ago I decided to add some BBQ Sauce to my old standard and took it from wow to WOWSA!  Bacon, ground beef, cheese and a delicious sauce combined with cooked macaroni for a dinner that everyone is sure to want seconds of.

 Baby Gem Salad with a Blue Cheese Vinaigrette.  I could eat this every night of the week. Crisp baby lettuces, with a wonderfully tangy vinaigrette, plenty of cheese and sharp spring onion. I could eat this and nothing else, truth be told. It is that good.  (Note - Photobucket has been having problems with my account since before Christmas, which seems to be ongoing.  That means that some of my photos are not showing, in particular ones before 2017. You will have to make due with what I show you here.  Sorry for any inconvenince!  Its all very frustrating to me.  I reckon I should get a rebate personally.)

Crispy Tortilla Eggs.  With crisp cheese filled tortillas on the bottom, a perfectly fried egg on top and some sriacha sauce, green tabasco and spring onions, I once ate these three times in one week.  Yes, they are that good! 

Basic Roast Chicken.   Of all the roast chickens, this one is the best in my opinion. Nothing is more comforting than a delicious dinner of Roast Chicken and vegetables. Crisp skin on the outside, and succulent, flavourful, tender and juicy meat on the inside. This is my way of achieving just that. Lemon and Garlic bring out the best in chicken. The three just go together like peas and carrots! 

Blackberry Pie Bars.  Picture this . . .   a buttery shortbread cookie type of base . . .  topped with fresh blackberries . . .  topped with a rich sour cream filling . . .  and a final topping of the shortbread mixture, crumbled this time . . . 

Cabbage Soup with Cheese.   My goodness but this is tasty. Just perfect for these cooler autumn nights when one has been out and about in the chill. Makes a sturdy lunch, and a delicious light supper, especially when accompanied with some crusty bread or homemade scones! 

Canadian Dutchies.   These sultana studded glazed and yeast raised Doughnuts are a bit of a Canadian Institution!  Not as hard to make as you might think. You can easily double and make more. 


Cardamom & Coffee Bundt Cake.   This beautiful cake is an adaptation of the Perfect Pound Cake recipe found in Rose Levy Bernbaum's Cake Bible. Its rich, dense and delicious with a wonderful cardamom batter swirled with a  tasty coffee and cocoa swirl. This is a cake that gets better tasting with each day that passes. 

That's only ten for you to be getting on with. There are ever so much more.  Just a tiny taste today.  Enjoy! 

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