INGR EDIENTS (Makes 6-8 Flatbreads)
250g Plain flour, sifted
180g Greek yoghurt 
2 tbsp olive oil
Splash warm water (1-2tbsp) 
Pinch of salt

Sift flour into a bowl, add salt, yoghurt, olive oil and 1tbsp water and bind everything together with your hands. Add a little more water if necessary. 

Knead well until everything has formed into a soft and smooth dough. 

Divide dough into 6-8 pieces and carefully roll out thinly - do not flour the surface too much, otherwise flour will burn when flatbreads are cooking, just add a little sprinkling of flour as you roll and go along. Best if rolled out onto a cold surface. 

Heat up a large frying pan on the stove on a medium heat. Brush the top side flatbread(s) with a little olive oil, then once the pan has heated up, carefully lay the flatbread in the pan (olive oil side down) so that there are no folds in the dough. Brush the top side of the flat bread in the pan with a little olive oil, and when big bubbles start to appear across the entire flatbread, check the other side, then flip over. 

Cook for another minute or so, checking so that they brown but don’t burn. Repeat for the other flatbreads, adding extra oil to the pan if you want but not necessary.

Best eaten freshly cooked while still warm.

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