Bulgur Pilavı (Bulgar Wheat Rice)


3 tbsp olive / sunflower oil 
•1 large finely chopped onion 
•3 tbsp crushed vermicelli 
•1 large mugful coarse bulgur (use same sized mug throughout the recipe) 
•2 tbsp tomato puree
•1 tbsp sweet (tatlı) red pepper paste 
•1/2 tsp pul biber / red pepper flakes
•3/4 tsp salt
•1 chicken / veg stock cube stirred into 3 mugfuls boiling hot water


Add the stock cube, tomato puree, red pepper paste, pul biber and the salt to a jug, and pour in 3 mugfuls boiling hot water and stir well until everything has fully dissolved. Leave to one side. 

Heat the sunflower oil in a medium sized pan on a medium heat. 

Add 1 large finely chopped onion and soften on a low heat for 10-12 minutes until almost translucent and very lightly golden brown. Nice the onions to one side of the pan, then add the crushed vermicelli to the other side of the pan and brown slowly for a few mins, stirring continuously until golden brown. 

Stir in the coarse bulgur (use same sized mug throughout the recipe) and cook for few more mins to seal the bulgur (some of the grains will start to turn white). 

Take off the heat and allow to cool down for a minute.

After a couple of minutes, return the pan to the hob on a med-low heat and carefully add the stock mixture, stirring gently. 

Bring back to the boil and cook on a very low heat for about 10 mins or until stock has almost fully evaporated (there should be little bubble holes that start to appear in the rice), take the pan off the heat, turn off heat, cover pan with a sheet of kitchen roll and the lid, leave for 15-20 mins, and fluff up with a fork before serving.

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